NOVACCU is the battery solution that humanity needs in the 21st century!

Even the range of a diesel car can be exceeded by an electric car with NOVACCU battery.

The energy density of NOVACCU is at least three times better than the energy density of the best lithium-ion battery: 750 Wh/kg!

It is the most efficient method of energy storage, and it can be produced cheaper than lithium-ion battery.

Energy can be stored in the NOVACCU battery for years without energy loss, without self-discharge.

Charging to 100% of NOVACCU battery can be extremely fast, charging can take only a few minutes.

NOVACCU does not contain nickel, cadmium, lithium and nickel-metal hydride, its secret is a new material.

NOVACCU battery is absolutely safe and eco-friendly, it can be transported and used totally safely.

NOVACCU battery does not need heating or cooling, it can be used in extreme low temperatures, even at -36 °F (-38°C ) without any problem.

NOVACCU battery is suitable for electrical energy storage generated by solar, wind, water or any other kind of power plants.

NOVACCU battery is the ideal energy storage solution for electric vehicles, because:

  • no self-discharge
  • few minutes charging time to 100%
  • totally safe and eco-friendly battery
  • cheap production
  • works at extreme low temperatures, even at -36 °F (-38°C )
  • even 1000 km (625 miles) electric car range
  • best energy density: 750 Wh/kg; so cars can remain light

NOVACCU is a ready for production technology and now you can get it.

It is not supercapacitor nor any other known method.

The developer sells the know-how and technology of NOVACCU.

Let’s save the World from CO2 -radiating cars and give the chance to anyone for an electric car with NOVACCU!

Let your company be the “NOVACCU – The wanted battery” producer, right now!

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